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Elevate To Bliss

My life philosophy revolves around the belief that this wonderful existence is a result of the positive karma from our past lives, granting us the gift of human life. Within this human experience, the concept of "ananda" holds significant importance. Ananda, the state of bliss, can be attained through cultivating a positive mindset, embracing spirituality, and fulfilling our duties. As an artist, I effortlessly tap into this state of ananda, forging a connection with the divine that leads me down new, vibrant paths in life, enhancing the art of experiencing life itself.

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Dr. Samit Kumar Mallick, from the renowned musical lineage of Darbhanga Gharana/Mallick Gharana, is the 13th generation heir. He began his Dhrupad training early under his father, Pt. Ram Kumar Mallick, a world-renowned musician. He also learned from the legendary Dhrupad maestro Pt. Vidur Mallick. Notable achievements include winning a Gold Medal in the National All India Radio music competition in 2004, receiving a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture in 2004-05, and earning a PhD in Music from LNMU in 2014. His accolades include Gold Medals, titles like Surmani, and awards like Bihar Kala Puraskar. He is a regular broadcaster on All India Radio and Television, recognized as an 'A' Grade Artist in Dhrupad. He excels in various musical forms, from Khyal to Bhajan. Dr. Samit Mallick is a rising star in Indian Classical Music, and his music has been featured on CDs like "The Kalawant of Darbhanga Tradition" by Bihaan Music Kolkata.

Image Source: Dr. Samit Kumar Mallick

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