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Sketching Away Blues

My positivity thrives through creativity. When negativity or low spirits strike, I turn to sketching and writing, conquering these emotions with my creative talents.

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From a tender age, Ranjith Raghupathy embarked on a vibrant artistic journey, exploring a kaleidoscope of creative mediums. His artistic voyage set sail with youthful participation in group exhibitions and art camps during his school days. In 1997, fresh from completing a three-year Diploma in Fine Arts, he unveiled his inaugural solo exhibition in Thiruvananthapuram, showcasing a breathtaking collection of fifty canvases. Since then, his art has transcended borders, finding a cherished spot in both national and international art collections. His masterpieces grace the walls of countless private collections in India and beyond. With an illustrious portfolio, Ranjith has orchestrated an impressive tally of twelve solo exhibitions nationwide, further enriched by his active participation in diverse group exhibitions.

Image Source: Ranjith Raghupathy

Cosmic Pendulum

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Gratitude is rewarding and may be contagious. That is the suggestion from a converging body of research exploring how positive emotions like gratitude and appreciation affect our hearts, our brains, and even those around us.

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End Of Life Care

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