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Dynamic Life Values

Throughout different phases of my life, I've drawn inspiration from various philosophies. In my 20s, I lived by 'YOLO' - You Only Live Once. As time passed, I added Shakespeare's timeless wisdom, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." Further along my journey, what resonated with me most was the importance of kindness, honesty with oneself, and the belief that I'm exactly where I should be. Life, I realized, is a cycle. Now, these philosophies guide me in reverse order: first, to be kind and honest with myself, second, to believe that I'm precisely where I should be, because life is a stage, and each of us has our entrances and exits. Therefore, I'm acutely aware of my actions, knowing that I have only one life to live.

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Renowned for her captivating performances and magnetic presence at nightclubs and large-scale events, DJ Kamiya Arora has established a global reputation. She has graced stages in 16 countries spanning 5 continents, impressing audiences worldwide. Her music has earned recognition on international radio stations, solidifying her position as the most prominently featured female Indian DJ in the media, with over 200 news features.

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Cosmic Pendulum

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End Of Life Care

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The New Dream

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