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Cultivating Art’s Worth

The problem arises when a child is discouraged from pursuing a career in the arts, as it's often not considered a serious path. In India, there has been a lack of awareness about the arts among students. Observing my surroundings, I must emphasize that there's a limited appreciation for the arts, and many people are unaware of its intrinsic value. I believe that a change in this mindset is needed, where people are more informed about the arts, and artists are encouraged to contribute their best work to the world. Art serves as a therapeutic outlet, inspiring young individuals to seek inspiration and emotional support beyond their regular academic pursuits.

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Emerging from Karnataka's embrace, Chetan Katigar emerges as a luminary among contemporary visionaries. At a mere 31 years, he soared into prominence, acclaimed for mythological tapestries resonating with vivid hues that seize the gaze. Through bold ebony contours and masterful chromatic dances, he orchestrates a rendezvous between ancestral folklore and avant-garde allure. Chetan's opuses dance to the heartbeat of love, a symphony woven for mankind, beasts, and landscapes alike. Elegantly, his canvases sing the manifold ballads of affection – from the sonnets of romance to the sagas of kinship, even the whispered paeans shared between man and creature.

Image Source: Chetan Katigar

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