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Why I Accept You

There is your truth, and there is mine.

But most parentages, bosses and governments don’t let you preserve your truths.

For they fear losing you, or may be unwilling to share more fairly, what belongs to the collective whole.

If they don’t recognize your needs and your beliefs, then why should you heed them?

They must accept you, as you must accept them. They must respect your existence, as you must respect theirs.

Non-acceptance spreads dissent and conflict. Acceptance nurtures harmony and wellbeing. 

Different truths subsist.
They always have and always will.
They will go on creating the gandhi’s alongside the hitler’s, the sufi’s, the bodhisatvas, the peace crusaders, and the truth seekers.

There is one earth.
Everyone, including birds, and animals, are entitled to their own truths, just as they all have the right to breathe the same air and drink the same water.

Must we continue to fight with each other to fill our lungs with fresh air and quench our thirsts with potable water?

Consumerism has created few haves and many have-nots, many things, and many liars.

If we need more of anything today, we need more acceptances.

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SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA shares his light through various
mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts,
and public speaking. His voice and presence heals.

Image Source: Jay From Norway

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