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The Diva Of Light

Sonjah started singing at the tender age of 4 and had her own manager at the age of 11 when she performed on the circuit with her mother who is also a singer.

Winning talent competitions etc, she went on to write her own songs and join various outfits, including a dalliance with JOHNNY MARR pre SMITHS. Joining DISLOCATION DANCE ( ROUGH TRADE RECORDS/ JOHN PEEL RADIO 1 SESSIONS, they released "WHATS GOING ON" 12INCH EP, the record was diverse, including a song about sexual abuse and a Charlie Mingus cover ( see press release in Photos) HE'S THE MAN, a track from this EP was re released on a German label as part of a compilation LP in 2004 entitled"THE SOUND OF LEAMINGTON SPA". The trumpet player from DISLOCATION DANCE, Andy Diagram went on to join "JAMES" and he and the drummer Richard Harrison toured as part of NICO's band(formerly of VELVET UNDERGROUND).

They currently have an outfit together as SPACEHEADS. DISLOCATION DANCE were tipped to be part of the MANCHESTER EXPLOSION, gigging extensively alongside STONE ROSES and SIMPLY RED. Soon after they disbanded she released an album and EP with Manchester label BOP, entitled SOUL PRECIOUS and SOUL WICKED(see photos) This was recorded with Ian Clarke, former guitarist with D. DANCE. She also recorded with a live funk outfit ENERGY. Then, in 1989 another album followed "THE SPIRIT OF EXSTASY" LICENSED TO MADCAT in Germany and recorded with SLOW BONGO FLOYD, aka Mick Jones.

It captured the acid/house spirit of the times and 1 of the tracks PLEASURE AND PAIN was used in an Icelandic film about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Inbetween, she recorded with GIL SCOTT HERONS bass player Robbie Gordon, called Marley Scratch, a tribute to Bob Marley. By 1991, she had released another 12inch on white label(see photos) a dancetrack, played by Pete Tong and Hewan Clarke, entitled "COME INTO THE LIGHT"by LIFE ETERNAL, which was Sonjah, Daniel Speller and Lee Thomson. This generated a major record deal with MUTE RECORDS, which was later aborted.

Sonjah's later material Master Of My Heart and Touchstone are devotional songs from the heart, thanking her Beloved for the journey inside herself. TOUCHSTONE, recorded with Jon Dean, was released in Australia in 2006 on the DANCE WITH ME SING TO ME CD.

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