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Swatantra Rock

We found it very difficult and limiting to classify our music under any one particular genre. We coined the term Swatantra Rock and defined it as ‘Music beyond music, time and boundaries’. To us it means music which is born free, has a purpose, a feel of timelessness and music that knows no boundaries, geographical or that of the mind. With so many styles and forms and genres all across the world to get inspired from and even more to learn from, why put any boundaries on a medium that has the power to connect millions of people irrespective of language, religion, age or background. While working on a new composition, EKA believes in going with the flow of music and developing it organically into a direction that the song demands. The initial response to our music has been very encouraging and we certainly hope that Swatantra Rock will touch millions of hearts in the days and years to come.

Benny and Hitesh parted ways with their previous band Euphoria in 2010 and both Eka and Euphoria were vying for the top spot in the popular music category of the Artists Aloud Awards 2013. The rest is history. It is very encouraging, we feel truly blessed to receive all the love and support from our audience, in the form of the Artists Aloud Award. We hope that we can take our music to as many people as possible worldwide in the days ahead. And we wish Palash and Euphoria all the best. It's all about music, and the blessings that it gives. Parted, or Together, the truest of Musicians intend to keep Music as the first and final call. The one's who have time for small talk and back biting are just using bad mouthing as a marketing strategy to hurt their competitors. We as a team, believe in togetherness - with equality and freedom, and that's our mission statement. We welcome all, big or small, national or international bands and music brands to join us, and collaborate on spreading this amazing new genre of music that we call Swatantra Rock!

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Meet India's Leading Stage Performers BENJAMINE BENNY PINTO, HITESH MADAN, AND LOKESH MADAN. They are the Founding Composers of the new wave of Global Rock Music that defies classification, or division.

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