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Speak Love, Speak Light

i speak light
i open my mouth to emote
but a syllable of love
and darkness flees
seeking shadows to hide,
but to no avail
for my shadows are brighte
than a supernova
they are “Light holes”
in the fabric of space
which transmute all things to joy
my isolated idle thought
spawns possibilities
into being
birthing never before seen
that we may wander
and discover
the finite-ness
of our infiniteness
with an understanding
and simplicity
that speaks in smiles
upon the faces
of the children
speak to me
speak of love
and let there be but light
for love is a light
that can not be contained
in such things
as limit
speak love
speak light

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Voice, Poet, Publisher WILLIAM S. PETERS SR. has recently launched his amazing collection of insightful poetry in the book 'The Vine Keeper'. He currently spearheads Inner Child Press which encourages professionals to become best selling authors.

Image Source: Mr Hayata

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