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How To Organise The Mind

Let us take care of our thoughts, for they have power. Let us train our minds to nurture this fabulous power correctly. Let us utilise our thoughts to alleviate human suffering.

Here are some tips to help you become more self-aware and confident:

1. Speak little and spend some time in silence every day
2. Hear everyone but do what's right
3. Spend each minute wisely and well
4. Lead a simple life
5. Do not imitate others
6. Spend your energy in the service of your surrounding world
7. Study with concentration
8. Take regular exercise

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DARSHAN DEV SINGH is a traditional Reiki Grand Master, Karuna- Reiki master, Su-jok Expert, Kriya-Yoga Mater of Mahaavtar Baba ji, Magnified-Healing Healer, Crystal-Therapy Healer, Tarot Reader, Horoscope Reader, Acupressure-Healer, Pranic-Healer, and Lama-Ferra Healer.

Image Source: Camilo Rueda López

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