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Inspired Thinking (36)

SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA: Non-acceptance spreads dissent and conflict. Acceptance nurtures harmony and wellbeing.
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TARA GANDHI BHATTACHARJEE: Non-violence and Peace are a celebration of our consciousness to honour life and creation.
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Truly it is said "We are the very process we seek to understand". Love is the answer to all questions and the solution to all problems. All else is illusion. Inventor, Social Crusader, Marketing Guru MICHAEL GOEBEL shares a beautiful piece of advice
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THERESA HUMPHREY: The more we shy away from the lesson, the more it will present itself in more and more dramatic ways, until we finally get it!
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A collection of quotes from statuses and insights posted on our social site.
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SHIVI DUA: In this entire process, my self awareness has deepened greatly and I have learnt to take complete responsibility of my life.
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DR. SEEMA MIDHA: Meditation lifts the spirit, calms the mind, heals the body and this becomes a magical experience with Tarot Cards.
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SWAMI KRIYANANDA: The secret of bringing peace on earth is to accept that creating peace is not others’ job, only: It is your responsibility.
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AMITABH SRIVASTAVA: My journey only goes to prove that if you have a dream, you have to chase it.
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RAMNEEK PANTAL: Yes they are called 'laugh lines'... and I had one hell of a time making them!
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The New Dream

The Old Dream is dying. Its demise becomes inevitable as we discover the devastation we’ve caused to our own planet home, as we count the rising cost of our inhumanity to each other and as we see how our current way of living fails to deliver…

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Posture: Sit in a cross-legged position that is comfortable. You can sit on a chair, in Half Lotus or Full Lotus (like in figure 1.1). Press your sitting bones into the ground as you extend up through the spine. Lift the crown of…

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Gratitude is rewarding and may be contagious. That is the suggestion from a converging body of research exploring how positive emotions like gratitude and appreciation affect our hearts, our brains, and even those around us.

Giving thanks…

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Children have a natural curiosity and imagination, which they can use to channelize their thinking in many ways. This is perhaps the key to their overall development. By facilitating each individual to access his or her own personal and very…

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