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Artistic Expression (26)

RUCHI GOYAL KAURA: The sound of the thread passing through the canvas sometimes sounds like the song of the canvas; poetically telling me which way to go, what color to choose.
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BENJAMINE BENNY PINTO: We coined the term Swatantra Rock and defined it as ‘Music beyond music, time and boundaries’.
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ROOMA MEHRA'S painting reflect her seamless journey into the inner self.
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BALWINDER TANWAR'S expressions trigger the human conscience.
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With deftness and reason, SUDHIR PURUSHOTTAM TALMALE uses both brush, as well as rollers to paint colorful, harmonious imagery with depth and meaning, and many times, transcending definition.
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PREET RAJ KWATRA: There is rhythm in all of life. Five year old kids don’t need dance classes to bop to rhythm. They just dance.
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MANASI SCOTT: I have learnt that I must unlearn everything I've learnt to truly be me.
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From the beginning, IVAN PULINKALA'S vision for the new program involved community engagement and partnerships.
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AJAY MEHRA: Today, I may not be a 'global go-getter', but the world around me appreciates me for what I love doing.
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Paintings by VILIJA VILKIENE exude warmth, simplicity, and vigor.
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These are not paintings that try to please in an instant; rather, DR. RUNHILD ROEDER'S visual poetry has a life of its own.
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The New Dream

The Old Dream is dying. Its demise becomes inevitable as we discover the devastation we’ve caused to our own planet home, as we count the rising cost of our inhumanity to each other and as we see how our current way of living fails to deliver…

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Posture: Sit in a cross-legged position that is comfortable. You can sit on a chair, in Half Lotus or Full Lotus (like in figure 1.1). Press your sitting bones into the ground as you extend up through the spine. Lift the crown of…

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Gratitude is rewarding and may be contagious. That is the suggestion from a converging body of research exploring how positive emotions like gratitude and appreciation affect our hearts, our brains, and even those around us.

Giving thanks…

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Children have a natural curiosity and imagination, which they can use to channelize their thinking in many ways. This is perhaps the key to their overall development. By facilitating each individual to access his or her own personal and very…

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