9 years ago, Ashirvachan Magazine transformed from pixels to ink, forming ties with 46 ambassadors across 12 lands.

Inception ⇣

Inception ⇣


The word Ashirvachan stands for ‘words of blessings’ or 'words spoken for the well-being of others'. Ashirvachan was founded as an independent online crusade, wherein founder, and mission teacher Shamshir Rai Luthra began imparting spiritual revelations, and worldly wisdom, in the form of succinct, inspiring quotes.



Soon after, Ashirvachan metamorphed into a knowledge-sharing dais (on www.ashirvachan.com) where précises, campaigns, and accomplishments of well-known, and lesser-known social workers, environment activists, musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers, painters, photographers, were reviewed and promoted across several social platforms, and collaborative websites. Alongside, numerous spiritual healers, environmentalists, authors, and peace crusaders began contributing articles, insights, and self-experiences on building the human spirit.



Around a year and a half after the inception and establishment of Ashirvachan Dais, as a virtual crusade, and an online publication, we have now launched it in printed format, as the Ashirvachan Magazine, in July 2014. Currently, Ashirvachan Magazine is receiving commendations from it’s 1,000 honorary subscribers, which include thought leaders, power leaders, vision leaders, artists, musicians, photographers, environment activists, welfare associations, educators, government organizations, media people, voice artists, from India, and internationally, in Argentina, Italy, USA, Kenya, Namibia, Norway, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, UK, Germany, and Canada.



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