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Gratitude is rewarding and may be contagious. That is the suggestion from a converging body of research exploring how positive emotions like gratitude and appreciation affect our hearts, our brains, and even those around us.

Giving thanks may be easier on the day we Americans set aside for it, but how do we keep that thankful feeling flowing? How do we maintain an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis, especially in the post-holiday haze and pre-Holiday craze of these longest winter…

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Posture: Sit in a cross-legged position that is comfortable. You can sit on a chair, in Half Lotus or Full Lotus (like in figure 1.1). Press your sitting bones into the ground as you extend up through the spine. Lift the crown of your head up to the sky. Place one hand on top of the other and have the thumbs lightly touch. Gently close your eyes.
Breath: Visualize the numbers as you count throughout the set. This will help develop what is called “one…

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End Of Life Care

Preface: There is a transition in the role of hospitality industry in the healthcare system, from short term care of surgical patients from western countries to the long-term preventive care for the disabled. There are important workforce and financial issues that need to be addressed.

Issue: We are witnessing major financial issues in healthcare management in the developed countries. With emphasis on curative care the costs have spiraled upwards in…

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The Diva Of Light

Sonjah started singing at the tender age of 4 and had her own manager at the age of 11 when she performed on the circuit with her mother who is also a singer.

Winning talent competitions etc, she went on to write her own songs and join various outfits, including a dalliance with JOHNNY MARR pre SMITHS. Joining DISLOCATION DANCE ( ROUGH TRADE RECORDS/ JOHN PEEL RADIO 1 SESSIONS, they released "WHATS GOING ON" 12INCH EP, the…

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