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What's Your Karmic Influence

One of the most important ingredients of life is the capability to consciously participate in the perennial chain of events. Participation leads to influencing. This capability to influence does not necessarily vanish with the physical fading away of an entity. Thus, an individual can continue to influence the affairs of the world, much after he ceases to exist in the physical form. He continues to participate in the chain of events, albeit in an indirect manner. A Buddha, a Christ, a Shankar, a Nanak or a Newton has greater influence on our life today than many other living beings. In that sense of the term, they are still alive long after their physical demise.

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Born in 1951 at Maler Kotla, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab (India), VIJAY SINGAL is a mechanical engineer by training, and a bureaucrat by choice. He is the author of several books including Behind Psychology, Searching for the Roots, Psyche of the Common Man, Eternal Echoes, Manovigyan, etc.

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