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To Be Laughed At

Sarcasm sticks to the consciousness,
Marking territories of sensibilities.

The mind was caught off guard,
But now prepares to fire a repartee.
What is unfair to you must be rejected.
What is untrue to you is best to be laughed off.
Ridicule seems intrusive and offensive.

It presumes your way of life,
And intrudes into your space.

Many times, unintentionally,
Your pains may be mocked.
But praise too, can be deceitful.
For it can manipulate influence.

Mockery is like a bird, that has expansive wings,
That least understands, the importance of hands.

To face an audience that laughs at you,
Is the truest display of openness and humor.
Let them laugh at you.

For then, they will reveal themselves to you,
And you will know your spirit.
Avenge, and ridicule them for ridiculing you,
And you will give them undeserved importance.

Your belief in yourself is worth your while,
Your goals and accomplishments are your life’s prize.
The best defense to ridicule is a great spirit.

When you are tempted to argue over territory, and honor,
You must remember the temporality of your existences.
Pain must be forborne, with lightness.
The spirit with which you lived will be recalled.

Do not make enemies of those who laugh at you.
Do not become friends with those who laugh with you.
For truth is beyond bias.


author credits

SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA shares his light through various
mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts,
and public speaking. His voice and presence heals.

Image Source: Garry Knight

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