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Speed Innovating

Yesterday I presented at the Speed Innovating event at NAIS 2013 Annual Conference. My presentation was titled Superstructing: A Model for Rapid, Effective, Systemic Change in Schools. (Link to our school’s prezi.) I loved the structure of this event and plan to adapt it for our work at ASB. The event was organized by NAIS’ 21st Century Curriculum/Technology Task Force. This was the description of the event – “Maximize information and idea gathering — attend Speed Innovating! It’s three mini-sessions in one devoted to Going Beyond Boundaries.” It was an evolution of the speed dating idea. In a ballroom twenty presenters were set up to host their own tables. These were large round tables that seat ten persons. With a presenter at each table, there was room for nine attendees to sit. Attendees pre-registered and chose three topics that interested them. Each speaker had 15 minutes to share short, focused information bytes on an innovation. After 15 minutes at a table, attendees moved to another table for another 15 minute sharing from a second speaker. The hope was that attendees walked away with three cutting-edge ideas to take back to their schools.
Here’s a time-lapse video of the event – 45 minutes of innovation in 60 seconds.

One of the things I personally loved was the opportunity to reflect on what I was planning to share. Prior to the session I had to spend time thinking about the key details of the innovation I was sharing and ensure that I maintained the focus as I had only ten minutes to share out.
The Speed Innovating event was a fantastic structure that moves away from the sit-and-get type presentations, and encourages a higher level of engagement and interactivity. It should be adapted and made a regular part of our classroom sharing with our students!
Get ready to participate in some Speed Innovating adaptations at ASB Un-Plugged!

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Educator, Consultant, Presenter DR. SHABBI LUTHRA is empowering educators, students, & parents, & building powerful 21st century learning environments. She is currently the Director of Research & Development, at the American School of Bombay.

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