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Resolving Disputes Over Water

We must not forget the liquid-water, whenever we talk about ‘solid’ world peace. There are disputes over water between villages, between districts and between two states. It may not be necessary to give any examples but how can we ignore the Cauvery Dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu or the sharing of water between Punjab and Haryana. It doesn’t matter weather these states are ruled by two different regional parties or ideologies or ruled by a single national party. In the bigger picture, these disputes enter between two different countries. We have supported Bangladesh from the very beginning, but now we seem to be haggling over a few buckets of water. Hence, we must not forget the importance of the phrase, Peaceful Waters and must make peace over the issues of water.

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ANUPAM MISRA has been associated with the Gandhi Peace Foundation for the last 30 years for Water and Environment Related Issues. His book on Water Harvesting has a print run up of 100000 copies and is being translated into several Indian Languages...

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The New Dream

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