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SDMC's Rain-Water Drains Project Is Unfashionably Late & Untidy

Digging up mounds of earth in a densely populated neighborhood,
includes unearthing countless bacteria, and termite infestations from the under-soil,
thereby creating a breeding ground for mosquitos and air-borne bacteria,
apart from causing traffic movement blocks and accident prone walking paths
for residents, children and senior citizens.

If not well-minded, this indefinite 'money-raking' and 'mole-hole building' project,
can cause physical damages to the already laid sewage drains, gas pipe-lines,
electric cables, and tree-roots.

(Background: Please note that it's an old colony, and it's been over 20 years
since the rain water drains were in function. Since there were left unmanaged,
and were causing infestations, and water logs, residents chose to cover them up.)

Inspite of repeated requests to the site-supervisors of Sharma Construction Company,
the 'business' arm of SDMC, the construction material is regularly unloaded
and left strewn all over the neighborhood, be it the middle of the street,
or next to house-entrance gates.

Once this indefinite project (anything between 3-6 months) moves out from S-Block,
it will be recreated in other blocks.

This project was started without prior announcement by SDMC to the residents
either directly through a government ad or through an RWA circular.
There is also unclarity about accountabilities and repair and maintenance
of these drains, once this project is completed.

Storm-water drains in residential areas is a useful idea,
but only if they are well-engineered and maintained.
It is an old idea, and with several well-tested technological advancements today,
there are better and cheaper innovations in Rainwater Systems,
and Underground Drainage Systems that could have been applied.

We hope that meticulous community leaders and social critiques
in both the S-Block RWA, and the AAP Party will find the information and
point-of-view given in this note useful and will take constructive, timely action.

Shamshir Rai Luthra
(Veteran Radio Broadcaster, World Peace Activist)


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