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Keep On Learning

I have learnt that if I can keep learning I just go on learning and life stays exciting to live and love and explore!
I have learnt that most people stop learning because they confuse your learning with their own shortcomings and view you as an adversary and not a companion that they can learn from and a companion that can learn from them too!
I have learnt that memories are best kept in the past so the learning through every new experience can continue.
I have learnt people that no matter how much you love people they can't love you back if they don't love themselves.
I have learnt that life is too short, love is amazing and children are God's most miraculous gifts!
I have learnt that I must unlearn everything I've learnt to truly be me.

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Even though she was born on the last day of the year, MANASI SCOTT has a penchant for new beginnings! With a never-say-die attitude, Manasi Scott leads a trend-setters life. She is instinctual, communicative, and a stunning performer.

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