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How To Develop Your Love Intelligence

Here are three perfect tips to inspire and ignite love:

The secret to intimacy
Listen and speak from the heart. Really listening to what the other person is saying, as if you can see yourself in their being, and feeling what they are feeling. Being able to share a feeling with each other, about each other, is a sign of true intimacy. Opening up a bridge of love and the highway to a honest relationship.

The secret to romance
What makes sceneries of romance?
Is it a candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant with french champagne?

Or is camping in the back garden underneath a starry sky, and as the orange moon silently rises, lovers share their first kiss?

I believe it’s not really about what’s happening outside and around you, but what’s going on inside your heart and the heart of your lover. Staying in love is the key, and to stay in love is to hold on to it in your heart, and when you share that feeling in an intimate way, romance becomes magical.

The secret to love
This one is simple.

Love yourself unconditionally: warts, farts, freckles, cellulite and all, then, and only then can you truly share a love unshakable. Love is to be shared in its fulfillment, not to be given or taken to fill one’s self or each other up. True love is not conditioned to satisfying one’s personal needs. Instead, once you’re filled with true love for yourself, a love that never runs dry in any desert, then you won’t need to give and take love, but you will only want to share it with the world, and of course with that special one in your life.

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Graphic Designer, Spiritual Healer, and Social Activist MORNE' VENTER is the creative director and owner of Gaia Namaste. He exemplifies in the creative digital media, apart from being a successful energy healer, and therapist.

Image Source: Mr Hayata

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