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Healing Thru Crystals


In 1978, I wanted to learn Yoga and joined the transcendental meditation people, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, for a while, chanting a secret Mantra internally until they wanted me to join their clan, the Hari Krishnas. It was not my thing to learn how to fly through muscle behavior or jumping like a frog. In the late seventies, there were not many choices, but I found a group teaching Kundalini Yoga that encompasses all seven Yogas, the 3HO Foundation. I followed Yogi Bajan, not for his religion, but for the Yoga. Their Kundalini Yoga opened my mind, my heart, my sensitivity and many more unbelievable knowledges and energies.


Then, I wanted more understanding and I linked in to Marcel Vogel, the IBM scientist, also known as the Crystal Man. I followed him around wherever he had his seminars. On day in San Diego, Marcel Vogel was in the same hotel, on the same floor and next door to my room. I knocked on his door and asked him to teach me the Vogel Method personally. Since he knew me from his other courses, during one of his teachings, he dragged me onto the stage for me to show him how I produce crystal energy and to work with him on his methods. After spending several hours together, Marcel said, “You’re ready to go out and help the suffering and the sick.” I did as he suggested then and I still do it today, but only upon request.


In the early eighties, I went to hospitals, hospices and places where they put people who had lost their chance at a good life. I also went to a cancer research lab in Toronto, where people went after having been treated with chemotherapy and been bombarded with radiation. They were trained to cope and many of them died. I worked my method very successfully on several cancer survivors.

One day two gentlemen tapped me on the shoulder while I was doing one of my healing procedures. They wanted me to explain what I do and how much I charge, then came more questions. In turn, I questioned them and was made aware that one of the gentleman was an Ontario Provincial Police Officer, the other gentleman was the general manager of a drug company that produced cancer curing drugs. You can strongly imagine the reasoning behind their concerns.

Later, I was offered a room at the Christy Pitts Health Clinic in Toronto, where I treated cancer patients. With the occurrence of the AIDS epidemic, I attempted to treat these people as well, but with no success.


This is how my healing works - I enter into a person’s energy field of aura linking to their thymus gland. Using a special Vogel crystal, this regulates the immune system. As a child, the thymus gland works overtime, then as the child grows out of puberty, the gland shrivels up and stays almost dormant. I attempt to bring the gland back to its fully function. If successful, it usually eradicates most of the contaminants in the blood, and then the subject is healed.


Today, I am more mature and Yoga is a part of my every morning ritual. Whenever possible, I join the Kundalini Yoga class in Toronto to refresh and share my energies with others. I will continue to help as many sick people as possible.

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GENE MEYER is a Crystal Healer who has successfully treated cancer patients with his unique and practical approach to spiritual healing. This great humanitarian from Toronto has dedicated his life to his healing beliefs and creating hope for the suffering and the sick.

Image Source: Gene Meyer

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