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Don't Let Heaviness Win

When you start to build a circle of hope,
You must begin by being grateful for,
The learning that you gain,
From difficult people.

When your consciousness becomes strained and heavy,
Channelize that heaviness to make your roots stronger.

And then, the forces of this universe will help you,
To find a way out of all that limits you.

May all struggles win!
For aren’t most of our greater and lesser struggles,
Echoes of intents to break free from the shackles of existence,
And the cages of the mind.

There is nothing wrong in taking a chance.
Yet, there is everything wrong in not trying.

The moment is now,
To leave your heaviness behind.
The moment is now,
To do what you can to make it right.


author credits

SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA shares his light through various
mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts,
and public speaking. His voice and presence heals.


Image Source: Juan Pablo González

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