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Animals Are Beautiful People

Don't touch it,
A voice shouted,
I wondered why?
It might be rabid,
It will kill you!
Don't give it food,
A voice blurted,
I wondered why?
It's a nuisance.
It will spread infection,
I wondered how
And then some time passes.

Let me feed it,
The voices came,
It will go to my good karma.
I will get a good job,
It will take away all my ills.
I wondered “oh!”
Work for human beings not animals!
I said “yeah!”
Is that all they are made for
To be cooked. eaten, killed and skinned?
My all weather friends.

Given sacrament by the religious books to be consumed
In the lust and greed,
When was the loving god so blood thirsty?
I wonder when?
The hunter shoots with an arrow
The dance of the spring,
And the feathers fall on the ground
Soaked in deep crimson,
In death man becomes untouchable,
The same death man keeps distributing amongst all,
My fair weather friends,
I wonder just!

They ask for love unconditional,
And don't see it when they get it
My own species,
We are human beings, we are not animals,
The illusion draws upon them,
Animals are beautiful people,
For they trust their heart,
Instead of their mind,
They only giveth, they know not how to taketh

author credits


ANUBHAV GUPTA is a social activist who is currently working on producing and promoting India's first Transgender Music Album. He empowers his projects on Albinism, Gender Equality, Street Children, Muscular Dytrophy, and Autism through his welfare organization 'Jeevan'.

Image Source: Doug Brown

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