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Being in the Bhav is a truly mystical experience for each one of us to enjoy. It is uniquely individual for every person for it relates to our personal relationship with our maker. 

No two people are in the same place spiritually and the Supreme Lord responds to each of us differently, according to where we have evolved and our individual karma's. We all qualify and are eligible however diverse our situations in life may be.

This is why it is so fascinating and exciting. This energy arises within us and no two people share the identical experience. 

The common denominator within the Bhav is a feeling of bliss and sometimes a euphoria and a sense of fearlessness. In the moment, these feelings are clearly caused by a lack of concern for circumstances of the mundane world. In other words this Bhav energy transports our consciousness to something greater and a knowledge of plane of existence where we are safe and nourished spiritually.

We leave our minds and unite in our hearts. We are able to recognize that we are all equal within a relationship with something greater that our small selves and at the same time we are not better than anyone else. We are united,we are one. We are aware that there are no differences and no similarities; we are one.

It becomes clear to us that there is eternity in the present moment and being in the NOW is truly being.

We feel Gods presence within us and in the kirtan experience we are aware that the kirtan collective is also united in our bliss. These ancient words have be chanted for thousands of years and science has proven that sound travels for infinity. We become a member of that enormous collective and realize the power contained within that fellowship. 

The effect of this joyful state also allows us to want to share the bhav with others and the confidence that we actually can . It is such a wonder-full energy, we have the compassionate desire to have others participate in the banquet of bliss. This becomes a conscious choice on our part.

We all make choices in our lives and one of the most important options is to share the Bhav with others. 

In kirtan we make the choice to come together. We recognize the unity of hearts and we achieve a state of bliss and love. The Bhav does not stop with the kirtan event. We have the choice to remember the joy contained within the experience and we can carry it with us to the mundane world. We can love each other. This sharing of love and devotion to the supreme radiates out like concentric circles formed in a pond when a stone is thrown into it.

We become the center of love and goodness and ultimately become a vehicle of compassion and a light on the path. For what greater service is there than to help each other find the path back to the eternal connection to God. 

There are obviously many methods of establishing ourselves in the Bhav. I think all the Yogas have the same goal. We call them by many names....meditation, hatha. raja. The goals are categorized as peace, liberation or samadhi. All worthy practices and they too have survived the test of time. 

Most importantly, staying in the Bhav and sustaining the purity of intention is to be aware of good association. We must try to expand our universal community with people who have the desire to serve each other and provide an atmosphere of love and compassion. I believe this assembly of like minded souls will help greatly to propagate the quantum leap globally that we are all know must be part of the earths evolution.

Tell all those whom you love that you love them. It might be your last opportunity to do so.

And all those you do not love... tell them you love them. They might have never heard it from anyone before and it can be transformational.

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Co-founder of SRI Kirtan, and with 40 years of kirtan leading experience aside from his background in Gregorian chant, opera and doo-wop, SRUTI RAM is sharing his divinity through bhajan, and kirtan events across the western world.

Image Source: The Bhakti Beat

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