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Art Of My Heart (22)

The sound of the thread passing through the canvas sometimes sounds like the song of the canvas; poetically telling me which way to go, what color to choose.
Sonjah's later material Master Of My Heart and Touchstone are devotional songs from the heart, thanking her Beloved for the journey inside herself.
With deftness and reason, Sudhir Talmale uses both brush, as well as rollers to paint colorful, harmonious imagery with depth and meaning, and many times, transcending definition.
Dance in many cultures and civilisations has acted as a passage from the world of man to the world of divine energies.
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"There is a better way to say it, and an everlasting way to be heard.
Be straightforward, but not sharp; Be direct, but not pointed.
For blame never won consent, but only strengthened their defence.
Speak your truth, and express your existence.
For without your freedoms, your spirits shall remain entrapped.
And without your individual voices, you're just a dispersible crowd."

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