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SWAMI KRIYANANDA: The secret of bringing peace on earth is to accept that creating peace is not others’ job, only: It is your responsibility.
AJAY MEHRA: Today, I may not be a 'global go-getter', but the world around me appreciates me for what I love doing.
AMITABH SRIVASTAVA: My journey only goes to prove that if you have a dream, you have to chase it.
RAMNEEK PANTAL: Yes they are called 'laugh lines'... and I had one hell of a time making them!
Paintings by VILIJA VILKIENE exude warmth, simplicity, and vigor.
GENE MEYER: This is how my healing works - I enter into a person’s energy field of aura linking to their thymus gland...
ILONA HUCKE: The Unification Project is guided by the desire to internationally partner with healers from around the world to serve the greater good of all life!

Artistic Expression

Community Improvement

The New Dream

JANA FLEMING: The New Dream is emerging! It's community, collaboration; it's life-enhancing and earth-honouring.
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Spiritual Health

Inspired Thinking

Nature Protection

DR. M.L. DEWAN & TRIPAT TUTEJA PARMAR: If human society wishes to endure, we must find a way to live in harmony with nature, and not against it.
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Progressive Education


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