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The War Over Parking Spaces

They will go on selling us their guns and car tires, as long as we keep fighting over petty things and parking spaces.

Consumerism, and War goes hand in hand. Most of our arguments are avoidable, and easily resolvable, But our discords are good for their businesses. Because when we disunite, and remain divided, we stop sharing, and begin buying and collecting our own things. Probably, because we don’t get along with people, we try to get along with the things they make. And, we keep hoarding those things in our many rooms of gloom. We just can’t seem to find enough, or be content with what we already have.

Along with other multitude of things, we also want our own horses and carts, since we’re all determined to go our own ways. 

Look at us rushing up and down, and back and fro in our clunky, steel horses, blaring insults at each other, and losing us grace. Look how we fight for parking spaces like wild animals fight over their territories. Look how we misbehave, and we abuse. Ready to talk avenge of any damage caused to our precious rides.

Today, most educated neighbors, in affluent neighborhoods don’t even see each other eye to eye, let alone exchange cordialities. 

They fight over non-issues, and are procrastinating discussing the real ones concerning the securities of their homes and families. If a car looks after you and your family, then it’s a part of it, too. The least you, can do is find it a place to rest, than leave it on the roadside, at the mercy of someone else’s compassionate conscience.

Just like we need Family Planning, We need Car Planning too.

Buy a car, only if you have a parking space.

If you don’t have a parking space, then buy one.

And if there aren’t any parking spaces left,

Then simply hoist them on your terraces.

It will save a lot of headaches,

And make an impression too! 

The future of car parking is a real issue.

The future of fuel for these cars is another real issue.

Let’s think up some intelligent solutions to these issues.

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SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA shares his light through various mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts, and public speaking. His voice and presence heals.

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