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The Value Of Loyalty

Image Source: Mr Hayata

This word holds within it many contexts, All encompassing this definition: Loyalty is the inner strength and abilities that you possess, to keep your promises.

Promises that you make to yourself and to others. Promises professional, social, personal or spiritual. But, know yourself first before making your promises. Know your innateness, and know your limits. To understand the limits, and innateness of others is a great leadership quality. To understand the potency of their loyalties, you must gauge their understanding of themselves, Enlightened leaders never expect more, nor expect less from others. They expect you to do best what you like doing best, and that’s the least you must do. Therefore, Be loyal to yourself first. Be loyal to your body, your mind, and your conscience. You will then nurture the inner strength to keep your promises. Be loyal to your purpose next. Be loyal to your passion, your job, and your talent. You will then nurture the abilities to keep your promises. Together, your inner strength and abilities will bring you successes. Successes, those are professional, personal, social, and spiritual. Successes, those are endless, and everlasting.
The qualities of loyalty are purity, hard work, and perseverance.

To remain loyal to your mate, you will have to constantly practice self-restraint. To grow businesses or communities, you will have to be constantly sincere, and positive with each other. Personal loyalties are of no consequence; if you don’t give, when you have the power to give. Humankind wants to survive change. It wants to subsist forever. Yet, strangely humankind behaves. They measure their distances. They choreograph their goodbyes. They judge, they condemn, they threaten, they bully, they complain, they fight, and they suffer.

Desire makes them impatient.

On the other hand, the universe never tries to change, nor conspires to destroy. The universe never threatens to leave us, nor throw us out. It never defines who is more attractive, and who's not; or who is greater, and who's not.

The universe moves in perfect tandem, in perfect silence, in perfect promise. Not for an instant, do the planets stray from their course. For if they did, there could come great destruction. Even the great universe remains true to its innateness, and knows its limits. Thus, promise makes a universe perfect.

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