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The Unification Project

The Unification Project is guided by the desire to internationally partner with healers from around the world to serve the greater good of all life!


"This Non-Profit Organization is committed to the healing service for all humanity by spreading Universal Light, Love, Peace, Brotherhood, Friendship, and Encouraging Spiritual Enlightenment and Growth, enhanced by the Diversity Of Its Membership Of Committed Healers striving to be helping hands in Alleviating Illnesses and Poverty, to preserve and promote respect and regard for Laws, Races, Creeds, Religions, Nature and the Environment of the Communities and Countries in which it serves being established as a program with the goal of the unification of ethical global interests.

• To Serve As A Cooperative Bridge Between Countries Observing Appropriate Governmental Regulation 

• To Promote Understanding And Respect For The Diverse Cultures Of The World

• To Acknowledge There Are Many Sacred Paths Of Spirituality

• To Centralize And Address Qualifying Healing Interest Bringing Services To Those In Need Of Urgent Healing Help And Support

• To Promote Peace With The Greater Objective Of The Healing Of Humanity And The Earth

• To Promote The Working Situations Of Its Members Using Innovative Healing Methods, Observing And Respecting The Dignity And Honor Of Their Professions 

• To Enrich The Well Being Of All Life On Earth - Human, Animal And The Environment


ILONA HUCKE is the Founder of the Unification Project that has the unique privilege of being registered as an organization by the European Commission. As a Light Healer, and Peace Crusader, Ilona reaches out to a world audience through various social networks, unifying them through thoughts and images of peace and compassion.

Image Source: The Unification Project

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