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The Prayer Of Courage

O Greatest Bearer Of The Spirit Of Strength,

And Endurance,

Only You, Know My Sins

Only You, Know My Lies

Only You, Know My Truths Innate

Only You, Know What’s Best For Me


I Accept You Now, In My Mindfulness

I Accept You Now, In My Reasoning

I Accept Your Omnipotent Presence


I Have Tried My Ways,

In Despair I Have Tried,

In Anger I Have Tried,

In Revenge I Have Tried,

In Passion I Have Tried,

But My Ways Have Failed To Sustain.


Please Show Me Sustainable Paths,

Please Give Me Enduring Answers,

How Actions Must Be Done,

If At All, They Must Be Done.


My Mind, My Body, My Spirit

I Surrender

My Thoughts, My Actions, My Existence

I Surrender

To The Purest, The Most Devoted, And The Most Knowledgeable One

I Surrender

My Impurity, My Infidelity And My Cunning


I Know Nothing, And Nothing Belongs To Me

They Know Nothing, And Nothing Belongs To Them


Show Me The Way

Through Disloyalty, And Despair

Show Me The Light

Through Darkness, And Defeat


Illuminate My Being

So That I May Overcome Each Adversity

Illuminate My Presence

So That I May Conquer Every Wrongdoer


Grant Me Great Courage

To Bring Hope To My People

Grant Me Great Intelligence

To Bring Victory To My Toil

Grant Me Great Knowledge

To Bring Contentment To My Spirit


For Without My Being

I Am No One

For Without My World

I Do Not Wish To Be

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SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA shares his light through various mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts, and public speaking. His voice and presence heals.

Image Source: Sushil K. Soorma

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