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The Perfect Artist

Marino Lecchi, seems to understand the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. His paintings reflect mathematical accuracy, and supreme insightfulness.

Geometry, Space and Harmony blend in unique proportions to form timeless masterpieces. Maestro Marino paints with warm colors and fine strokes, reflecting a high level of sensitivity and self-disciple.

In touch with the times, Marino Lecchi masterpieces reflect perfect harmony and beauty that is omnipresent in the depths of the human consciousness, as well as the universe without.

Each of his paintings are perfect in themselves. Objective silhouettes as well as human forms are identifiable, as well as shapes and colors etch a permanent, and instant recall of Marino Lecchi’s unique style and creative expression.



MARINO LECCHI, from Italy, is truly a global artist. His works of art are exceptional, and remarkably aesthetic.

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