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The New Dream

The Old Dream is dying. Its demise becomes inevitable as we discover the devastation we’ve caused to our own planet home, as we count the rising cost of our inhumanity to each other and as we see how our current way of living fails to deliver lasting happiness. All of these are the inevitable conclusions of an old dream rooted in acquisition, consumption and putting personal gain above communal good.

The New Dream is emerging! It's community, collaboration; it's life-enhancing and earth-honouring; it's together and for our grand-children, rather than Supersize me Now! So we’re seeing the largest social movement of all time, millions of people and organisations working for environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment, three facets of a new dream for humanity and planet Earth.

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JANA FLEMING's mission is to inspire people with her life's story of overcoming a childhood of abuse, neglect, and poverty. Her greater life’s vision is to open an Integrative Holistic Healing & Educational Center that supports people from all walks of life to transform their lives through emotional healing and connecting with their life's purpose.

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The New Dream

JANA FLEMING: The New Dream is emerging! It's community, collaboration; it's life-enhancing and earth-honouring.
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Nature Protection

DR. M.L. DEWAN & TRIPAT TUTEJA PARMAR: If human society wishes to endure, we must find a way to live in harmony with nature, and not against it.
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