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Social Action at the Zoo

You may have heard of the story of the crocodile, which shed many tears. But in the end, couldn’t do better than to give way to his primal instincts. Well, innately, Humankind wants to help, but the ways in which governments and societies give and take are so conditionally formed, that the noblest ones amongst us refrain from offering a helping hand.

Most social issues need immediate attention. An occasional visit to the local zoo, will not only help you contribute to its upkeep, through the tickets you buy, it shall inadvertently keep the zoo keepers on their toes. Don’t forget to pat the back of those doing good work. But, if you see neglect, take a few minutes to point it out to the management. Offer to help, give a contribution. But, if they’re unwilling to listen to your valid suggestions, take pictures, and spread the word through blogs, and social networks. Keep talking about it, until they heed, until they take corrective action. Speak for them, for these caged creatures cannot speak for themselves.

The more you procrastinate and delay, the more they spread like poison through the circle of life, and come back to harm you.

Image Credits: Joisey Showaa | author credits


Spread the message, Share your views
Volunteer to help, Get together

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