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Into the Self

Her works are not eccentric, but adventurous. Rooma Mehra's painting reflect her seamless journey into the inner self. Like an explorer, she travels through her consciousness and brings forth countless images, that speak from the depths of reality.



ROOMA MEHRA has had 11 solo shows of her paintings, reliefs and sculptures. Her artworks are found in private & permanent collections including in NGMA, New Delhi, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, Arte Antica Gallery, Canada and individual collections in Switzerland, U.S.A. Denmark, Austria, Spain and Japan. She is also a poetess of repute.

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Artistic Expression

Community Improvement

The New Dream

JANA FLEMING: The New Dream is emerging! It's community, collaboration; it's life-enhancing and earth-honouring.
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Spiritual Health

Inspired Thinking

Nature Protection

DR. M.L. DEWAN & TRIPAT TUTEJA PARMAR: If human society wishes to endure, we must find a way to live in harmony with nature, and not against it.
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Progressive Education


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