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India's First Transgender Music Album

With a strong intent to break stereotypes, to appreciate transgender women for their talent, and to give them a platform to express themselves, the album 'Songs Of The Caravan' was conceptualised almost two years back, which was then followed by a research and talent search across the country. 

This album breaks the perception which is limited to transgender individuals singing in a particular fashion at special occasions. Even Bollywood and other shows segment them as mere entertainers and limit their aptitude. Not many know that they too can sing, and sing very well. This album which will promote music irrespective of gender, will help them begin their musical careers into the mainstream.

The 'Songs Of The Caravan' Project is spearheaded by the grass-root leadership of Anubhav Gupta, who has shown great sensitivity, and courage to break down centuries old notions and patterns, that no music company, or artiste and repertoire manager in India has attempted till now.  

Artist & Music Review and Song Sequencing for this album has been immaculately executed by Veteran Broadcaster and Inspirational Speaker Shamshir Rai Luthra, who has in the past reviewed and endorsed the best song writers, lyricists and singers of the Indian Music Industry. 

Here's a sneak review of the artists and the music from this path-breaking music album, written by Shamshir Rai Luthra:

from Karnataka: Bhagyada Laxmi Baramma

Akkai Padamshili, renders a soulful karnatic bhajan evoking the blessings of the Goddess of good fortune,  Devi Lakshmi. This prayer was written and composed by Purander Dasa, many centuries ago.

from Rajasthan: Bhaker Mein

Invigorating and exceptional Rajasthani folklore, churns the sands of time. The seductive voice of Hansa, unify with hip trance beats to create a best-selling dance and ramp number.

from Manipur: Edi Nungi Bada

Rhythmical and sweet, Kanta Lei Singthan’s voice showers sweet love, and evokes memories of the heart. Wide-ranging instrumentation augments a serene musical arrangement. 

from Andhra Pradesh: Jaya Amma Lakshmi

N. Madhurima’s illustrative voice illuminates the eight majestic forms of Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu.

from Kolkatta: Prano Bhoriye

Rabindra Sangeet at it’s musical best! Amitava Sarkar recites the passionate verse,  Prano Bhoriye, Trisha Horiye “Fulfil my spirit, Quench it” 

from Gujarat: Pankhi Bani Nu

The wings of freedom are to be realized with inner strength and self belief. Ankur Patil, in many ways, expresses the emotional purpose of this album.  

from Uttar Pradesh: Yashodha Maiyya

The birth of the Lord of the Universe, Shri Krishna, is celebrated every year on the festival of Janamasthmi, with great zeal and hope. We too hope the folk voice of Rani, becomes a popular airplay across the sounds horns, and radio stations from Vrindavana, to Mathura.

from Maharastra: Vaat Pahile Kaal

Come, let’s do the Lavani! Traditional, energizing folk music composed for a world audience. With words that bring lightness, and life, Kalyani has the happiness factor.




ANUBHAV GUPTA empowers his projects on Albinism, Gender Equality, Street Children, Muscular Dytrophy, and Autism through his welfare organization 'Jeevan'

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