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Behaviour is a biological process that stems from two main sources; the nervous and the endocrine systems. It is mainly described as common, unusual, acceptable and unacceptable.

We evaluate it by applying social norms.
We regulate it by means of social control.

On the one hand it is good to be able to manage behaviour; on the other hand, it isn't good when well-behaved means suppressed.

Communication in the Nervous System
We have a range of behaviours because we have a complex brain and nervous system. In effect, we integrate our inner self into the outer world through the sensory system. Billions of cells integrate and relay information. Imagine any task that you perform and you will see that highly complicated things are going on without your thinking about them. Stimulus from senses cause a flurry of activity in the mind and body. Behaviour depends on fast and complex data processing. The nervous system handles information - just as the circulatory system handles blood.

Our nervous system has three tasks
Our nervous system receives sensory stimulation, integrates it and transmits a response. A complex electrochemical reaction produces an electric charge. That is why our reactions can be incredibly fast. A stimulus charges us up and we discharge it through our response. The power of the nervous system can be appreciated by looking at the effects when things go wrong. Some types of seizures can cause such uncontrollable convulsions that the body will almost tear itself apart.

Endocrine System
The endocrine system consists of glands that secrete chemicals into the bloodstream to help control bodily functions. Messengers in this system are called hormones. These are chemical substances released by the endocrine glands. Behaviours caused by hormones are deeper, slower and more long-term than those of the nervous system.

We are like an electrochemical battery timed to ebb and flow.

Energy In - Energy Out

We take in the environment around us and discharge it again on an ongoing basis. If a charge and discharge fail to balance naturally, an imbalance is created. When we see, hear, taste, touch or smell something and are unable to organize an equally discharging response then we 'own' the difference. Childhood has left us with an abundance of such imbalances.

Unconscious influences in the energy body create 'the shadow' that influences so much of our behaviour.

Healing the past is just ridding the body of blockage. Negative patterns of behaviour or positive ones can be eliminated or strengthened through bodywork.

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MARK BREACH is an experienced spiritual consultant and touch therapy healer registered with the International Natural Healers Association, POB 38636 Hollywood California. He is an accredited master instructor of Jyonetsu Reiki and G-JO acupressure.

Image Source: George Eastman House

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