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Imagining The Best

What is the best that can happen to you?

What is the worst that can happen to you?


Has it transpired before?

Has it brought out your vilest?

Have you become stronger now?

Have you lost what you had attained?


We can choose to change, with the change.

We can choose to be proactive, during this change.

Natural Calamities, Technological Advances, Career Alternatives, and Relationship Exchanges are all triggers of change. They ignite your being, and regulate your karmic pace and path.


Destruction brings change.

Disposal fashions change.

Resignation initiates change.

Separation centers change.

Thus, destruction, disposal, resignation, and separation must be realized without fear, fury, or remorse.


Your failures, and your failings, are like ghosts of the past, vexing your inventiveness.

Your fears conjure self-isolation and self-destruction.


Destructive creativity fuels destructive senses, and contradicts its very existence.

But, by imagining the best, you create a world of pleasance, and spiritual affluence.


Change is never a choice.

Change is an acceptance.

To lead, or to be led is a choice.


Are you following due to your weaknesses, or are you leading because of your strengths?

Are you being led to always follow, or are you being led to lead your self?


Face the feeling of entrapment.

Do you feel like a Buddha in a gilded cage?

Or are you a Show Lion in an image circus?


They will try and come between you, and your thoughts.

Don’t let them tie you up, with engaging ropes and ruses.

They will abuse their freedoms, to abuse your freedom.


To live your life, you must slay your fears.

To receive the best, bring out your best.


Create an acceptance plan.

Create an alternate freedom.

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SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA shares his light through various mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts, and public speaking. His voice and presence heals.

Image Source: William Warby

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