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Garlic Cures Cancer

"Hello! I am a welder, but I have been away from welding for a while. I am a cancer survivor, I have had cancer 3 times, but I made a mistake that saved my life all three times. I work on construction equipment, weld, repair, operate, etc. I am also a country music recording artist, my music can be heard at I have recently composed a song entitled "Obama-rama" my music can be found on jukeboxes under K for k jig boone but I am having a problem getting them on some j boxes even though the songs are available, I am licensed as a recording artist through BMI. My songs are at the j boxes but not always loaded up. people have to request them, I think. I'm hoping my "Obama-rama" song will change things a little.
On my welding side, I have several welders miller, lincoln, buss box and portable, I also am now doing mig, not tig yet, but slowly getting back into the swing of things after a deadly bout with cancer. Thankfully I can say I have defeated cancer by a mistake I made while w.t.d. (waiting to die) I made a simple mistake that saved my life. I was dying one night and voila, was completely alive again the following day. t was not something flakey, only a food I happened to eat. actually I made a mistake and ate to much. after the first bout with cancer upon getting cancer again, I just repeated the mistake and the cancer was destroyed almost immediately. I have had the privilege of helping several others defeat cancer. but it is still hard to convince people that there is a (Cancer cure) anyway welder, mechanic, musician, cancer survivor, clown, nut, That's me! Lets all stay well!"

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Welder by profession, Country Singer by passion, BARRY W. BITTINGER'S life story exemplifies courage, simplicity, and deep faith. Barry never pretends to know, though he seems to know life and it's travails.

Image Source: Garry Knight

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