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From Now Till Forever


When he deceased so did forever. Charred with him everything. Nose twists, hair scrubs, pinky swears, four squares, flamenco claps, Elvis lullabies, 3 piece suits, pocket combs.

If he were around he would have turned 70 today and still look as dapper as he did at 45. In these last 3 months invested in manifesting him, I realized that it has taken me forever to understand what "that" word means. I have shortchanged myself in every relationship, denying myself the right to love like forever. I have shut my heart knowing that it will never last, I have successfully singed every memory of every man past.

With your birthday, I too start a new. With a fearless heart unafraid of a word "forever" I receive with arms wide open.

Happy birthday papa.

Forever yours,


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Mumbai-Based Celebrity Hairstylist and Welfare Crusader SAPNA BHAVNANI is also known for her contribution to the field of Fashion, Writing, Photography, Entertainment and Reality Television.

Image Source: Garry Knight

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