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All My Blessings

Every moment of every breath is a blessing.
Every experience is an insight into our souls.
Every new person is a fresh chance to create a new friendship.
Every thought has it's opposite right beside it!
Every adversity has the ability to create a triumph.
While I believe in mind over matter,
I also believe in Grace which is to say, sometimes adversity is put there in front of us to teach us something grand and the more we shy away from the lesson,
the more it will present itself in more and more dramatic ways until we GET IT!
Life is full of everything imaginable and then some!
Thank you God for all that I have and will experience in this life!

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Artist, and Spiritualist THERESA HUMPHREY is the founder of 'Children Celebrating Life Through Art'. She envisages to connect children of her communities with other communities and cultures around the world through this remarkable initiative.

Image Credits: William Warby

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